Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Hacking WWD Perfect Panel Tee into a tank

Hello to everyone from ard the world! I'm Hwee Ke from Singapore and I'm one of the guest bloggers for the Hello Summer kids blog tour for Winter Wear Designs

For those who haven't heard of my home, Singapore is a really hot place to live. So it's no wonder my kids like sleeveless tanks and wear summer outfits all year round. 

I had this idea to color block a batman comic strips knit fabric i have to make a perfect panel tee for my boy. But he wanted a tank top so I thought this was a great opportunity to try hacking the tee into a tank top. 

The wrap around of the perfect panel tee is unique and would look really good as a tank top. 

He looks really comfortable in his new tank!

The hack is really easy to do too. Since he likes the armscye depth in his tank, I didn't need to adjust the armscye up or down. Instead, I skipped the cutting of sleeves from the fabric, then after serging the shoulder seams and side seams, I brought it to the cutting mat and cut a new curve about 2cm from the shoulder edge down to the same original point under the armpit. (You can estimate the amount to cut off by comparing it with a tank pattern u already have or if u are like me, just wing it!)

I measured the new armscye length and cut a ribbing knit strip about 80% of that length and that was the arm band! 

It's such a simple hack but one tt looks so good too. Now we can make even more perfect panel tanks with all the small remnants i have in my stash - a perfect summer wardrobe staple! 
Get the Perfect Panel Tee here! 

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